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All Contents of www.littleforkers.com, The Little Forkers Webcomic and The Forkin' Odyssey, are Copyright 2010-2014 Tess Cooper. 
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The Forkin' Emperor's New Clothes:
Part 2

Edited by Chuck Cooper

OK, so no mouseovers or animation effects today.  It is sort of a throw back Tuesday err..... Wednesday.  Sorry about that, but the game development fairy kidnapped me and made me work on my app all day yesterday.  No, honestly, I just was so "in the zone" that I lost track of time and the next thing I knew it was like 7PM and I had not even taken the pics for the update.  If you have not noticed, Crazy Forker has taken on a new look and, for those of you who do not remember, all of my comics come from ACTUAL forks I have dressed up and taken pictures of which, in my opinion, makes me a special kind of crazy.  :)  You know there is such a thin line between insanity and creativity.  :)

Speaking of creativity, I am putting part of Crazy Forker's makeover in the hands of the people, and am putting his new look to a vote.  So, if you ever wanted to help decide how a  comic character looks, here is your chance.    I am taking a vote on what color tie and pants Crazy should have. just select from the drop down menu below and then click submit.  :)

Should it be:

I also want to let everyone know that I plan to be at DC Awesome Con in a few weeks with my daughter (Amber Jennings Art) and son (Envious Excuse).  We are sharing a table.  It is a family thing.  :)

In other news.... I am putting the finishing touches ....still... on my mobile apps.  I hope to have things done soon.  
My son has updated the music and I am soooooo forkin' excited.

​Thanks for giving a fork and sticking around!
'till next Tuesday....err.... Wednesday.

xoxo Tess:)