All Contents of, The Little Forkers Webcomic and The Forkin' Odyssey, are Copyright 2010-2012 Tess Cooper.  

Have you ever wondered what  a comic book character like one of the Little Forkers is thinking? What is going on in their “tiney” brain? Well welcome to the Forkin' Revolution. The Little Forkers webcomic is now available in HD Subliminal Captioning.  What is that?  Basically, it is a mouseover effect where, when you scroll over some of the text bubbles, a thought bubble appears.  Check it out below.  All comic updates after 8/1/2012 have HD Subliminal Captioning and surprise images if you randomly scroll over the comic.   Beginning with webcomic updates after 7/18/2013, many comics will also contain flash and soon HTML5, animation and game elements.   Scroll down to see an example from the update on 7/18/2013.  :)

Thanks for giving a fork!
Tess Cooper :)
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I am also going to add "hidden pictures" in the comic.  So, be sure to scan over areas of the comic where it looks like nothing else is going on, because there will be hidden messages about the plot, funny bonus possessed jelly bean cartoons, etc.  to make it a truly interactive comic.   Did you scroll over the bottom of that last image to find the hidden message?  So this is my Forkin' Webcomic Revolution.  I hope you will join me.   :)