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All Contents of www.littleforkers.com, The Little Forkers Webcomic and The Forkin' Odyssey, are Copyright 2010-2014 Tess Cooper. 
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Where is my
Forkin' Update?

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life and time management 
OK, so the update is soooooo delayed and I feel like I need to give everyone an update on where the fork I am. :)

So, a lot has been going on here in New Fork City (haha).  Partly, I have had a bad few weeks with whatever this neurological condition is that is STILL undiagnosed, but mostly I have been just totally overwhelmed with getting this app to the app store.  I have been in the 3rd level of app development hell, as I would like to call it.  What is that you might ask?  Let me tell you.   So, the problem with being self taught and jumping into something like you know what you are doing is that it is a lot like driving in DC if you have never driven a car before; you are going to have a lot of fender benders.  For me, this has resulted in having to rebuild my game FOUR times.  OMG!  It was HORRIBLE!  So, this is how much of a tech idiot I am:  I did not know that there would be HUGE compatibility issues when moving a file in the same program from a pc to a mac.  Yeah, I was that dumb, so I built my ENTIRE game on a pc and tried to move it to a mac.  It was an EPIC fail.  So, I built it again in my game generator on my mac, only to find that it does not work like pictures in that you make it bigger and then can size it down.  So I ended up with a file that was too big to even test on my mac.  Are you Forkin' kidding me.    Yet again, AN EPIC FAIL!   At that point, I felt a lot like crying and honestly did.  So, next I built it again the right size with the right size graphics (which I also got to re create - fun times)  only to find out that there are compatibility issues with the current version of my game code generator and XCode 5.   o.O  Another light at the end of the tunnel that turned out to be an..... ONCOMING TRAIN!  So I downloaded the new version of the software only to save it with a name that is incompatible with mac's it had a (') in it which is also a no no.  So I log out, re-name the file, and accidently  re-open it in the old version of the program only to find out my graphics were now corrupted due to some weird issues with the versions of the programs.   What the......   At this point, I am beginning to wonder what god I offended and how can I make it right.  Well, at least I had a recent version I had saved in the event something weird happened... again... so I only ended up fixing like 10 things that time, but the entire thing was a lot like building 4 games instead of one o.O.  So that is why no update.  

OK, so when am I updating?  Well, I have been thinking.  I have had the most positive reception EVER with the game on the site, so I am thinking this is a really good idea, even better than animation (lots of comics are doing that) and very few comics have game apps.  So, what I want to start doing is (and I think I said it already)is to have a few updates, a game, a few updates, etc. etc .  But here is the problem.  I am not sure if you noticed, but we are about to the part where I want to incorporate a game into the story line, about 2 strips away.  For a while, I was just putting fillers to stretch it out, but I have decided that sometimes less is more and to just spit out a bunch of crap, kind of how soap operas do when there is a writer's strike, I am going to come off of a regular update schedule until I get the hang of things.  This is not like in September when I fell off the face of the earth for a bit (when I came back from Dragon Con and could not walk very well  for a few weeks due to that "thing" that is going on with me that may be MS).  That was different, I was "adjusting to my "new" new reality and was honestly depressed and soul searching.  Well, I found my soul and my drive to keep going, so I will be working really hard, but updates will be slow... again for a while.  I am so indie.  What I am hoping for is that the game app does really well and I can hire some help.  My kids help me some now, but Amber (Amber Jennings Art) and Adrienne (Wyrm Clutch) are starting their own projects and while I miss them helping more, I am proud. and want them to have their own projects.  Thankfully, Austin, my son,  (Envious Excuse on sound cloud) is thinking to step up and help more, but what I hope to do is get someone else with some real tech skills in addition to my son and his funny story ideas and great music.  :)  So, for a while, it would be best to check back every few weeks until we get on a regular schedule or just follow my facebook or twitter. Those are great places to stay on top of things.  

Well, that is my forkin'  story and I am sticking to it.  I am going right meow :3 to upload my games to Android and Apple.  Everyone cross your fingers and anything else you can think of and wish me luck.