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All Contents of www.littleforkers.com, The Little Forkers Webcomic and The Forkin' Odyssey, are Copyright 2010-2014 Tess Cooper. 
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The Big Interview:
Part 7
Edited By
 Chuck Cooper
Mouseover panels for Subliminal Captioning :)
I have decided to make 0 promises about whether or not I am back to updating regularly.  I will say that I DO PLAN (haha) to update mid next week again.  However, given that this is the longest break I think I have taken since starting the comic due to regular setbacks, I am definitely saying nothing about time tables.


Well literally after all of the people that died, you would think we were done.  Right?  Yeah, no.  Just after that, my aunt got pneumonia, was in critical condition and died a few weeks later the day after my Dad had surgery (I have been at my parents house helping with that).  All I can say is WTF?  I mean REALLY?  Am I IN a country music song?  

Given all of that, I just couldn't even..... or odd for that matter.  ;)

So what was I doing?  Well learning to perfect my skills in gimp, knocking around in Blender and a video game.  Basically, a life and consciousness vacation.   I did some "soul searching" and asking myself what I should be doing and what is worth doing.  I did come to the conclusion that I am continuing Little Forkers (not that it was really on the table but I was just sort of depressed and ridiculously burned out) but it will be with no set update schedule.  My idea is to update weekly, mid week, but if you are the type that comes and sees no update and gets annoyed, check back once a month, you will DEFINITELY have something.  

Sooo...... yeah, the Mayor's wife is just ridiculous and Becky is so not amused by either of them.

Thanks for reading and giving a fork, 
Tess ;)