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All Contents of www.littleforkers.com, The Little Forkers Webcomic and The Forkin' Odyssey, are Copyright 2010-2014 Tess Cooper. 
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Where is my
Forkin' Update?

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life and time management 
Today:  HERE IT FORKIN' IS!  Yay!  Here is the "beta" version of my game in flash.  Yay!  So.... now I begin exporting and submitting to the app stores.  :)  Just so you can see how it will look... sort of.  I left the touch pad controls so you can see how they will work (except the vibration on and off button likely does not work because I do not think desktops do that).   There is also going to be a swipe feature on the phone version. ;)  So, now you can pause the game AND the music, but why would you pause the music?  My son's music is forkin' awesome. :)

Last Night I wrote:  OK I know it is after Tuesday and no update.    Well, it is sort of like this:   OMG! This game thing was so much farther from done than I thought.  Basically, I have spent several days non-stop editing images to get them the right size for ipad and other devices.  So why did I have to do that?  Well, ..... when I designed the game, I was a noob and put in a bunch of smaller images (created them to fit the small computer window)​ and now I get the opportunity to turn around and create them again, only bigger.  I will NEVER make this mistake again.  So, you add that with keys,  these  thingys you have to make to say you are you or something to the Droid peeps and stuff and you get extreme delinquency.   It has been so much easier than I thought to get the FRAMEWORK of a game but harder to put the finishing touches and get it published.  However, I do think the next one will be easier and building them into the comic will get easier.  There is just a learning curve.   

So...... what have I added to the game?  More sound effects, longer scenes, music changes, etc.  Also, I had to work out a few glitches.  For instance, the second bonus round did not gain you any points.   Oops, my bad.  haha  I left a little piece of the puzzle out that took like half a day for me to figure out.  When I found it, I felt pretty silly. ;)  I also have added screen swipe for mobile and vibration effects when you get hit by bottles.  The vibration can be cut off to save on battery.  ;)  I also made it where you can pause the game and also pause music.  So that is what I am doing.  I HOPED to post it today.....er yesterday, but it did not happen.  I HOPE it will be tomorrow, but I give up making promises, because this stuff is way hard for me; however, I will get it.  So, back at it I go.  I will tweet and post on facebook the MINUTE it is up.  Thanks again for sticking with me.  :)   

xoxo Tess:)
Sorry this takes forever to load sometimes.  If you can play flash and just see a white screen, it is downloading and taking a bit. :)