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All Contents of www.littleforkers.com, The Little Forkers Webcomic and The Forkin' Odyssey, are Copyright 2010-2014 Tess Cooper. 
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The Forkin' Emperor's New Clothes:
Part 1​
​(mouseover Panel 2)

Edited by Chuck Cooper

Sooo..... does Crazy Forker have his priorities straight? 
Guess you will have to stay tuned to find out.

As you all know, I am trying to convert my comic into sort of a comic, game hybrid.  I started to do animation but coming up with voices is a barrier and I stink at doing voices to be honest, so I decided to do games.  Well, that is still keeping my comic updates slow.  I think things will pick up once I get the hang of things though.  Thank you all for sticking around.  :)

OK, so if you missed it, the official Demo Version of my game is here. Yay!   There is a link to the left of this entry (the pic with floozie).  Now for the progress on coming to a phone:  Sadly, I will likely have to release to Android first and Apple after I raise a little cash for a new mac (was going to do them at the same time but I just lack the capital right now).   I took in an old mac I had access to in order to see if I could load mavericks on it and my "vintage"  (what they call old a@@ computers at the mac store) could not handle it.  I would like to thank (ok hoping I remember the name right but it is probably wrong because we all know my elevator no longer goes to the top floor) Justin for being so forkin' awesome and trying 4 times and for over an hour to fix my silly mac book pro from 2007.   OK, I am going to level with you.  I may go over to the dark side.   I have been sort of "power to the windows computer" and "free ware" and Linux (if I could figure it out) and one of those "why you charge so much apple for the same computer" kind of person, but the service I got today was just so good it was weird and the people were so nice that I am convinced they put happy pills in the water cooler.  OK, maybe not, but definitely the best experience I have EVER had with a computer.  Like that crap never goes down like that at Best Buy.  Just sayin.'  I am not saying I would be a mac only kind of person but, yeah I think I finally get it.   OK, for some of you out there, I KNOW what you are saying and yes, maybe I did drink the Kool-Aid and it tasted like apples.

​Thanks for giving a fork and sticking around!
'till next Tuesday,

xoxo Tess:)