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Floozie's Seven Wonders of the World:  It's a "one panel wonder"  today as I am getting my books ready to print.  There is some big news coming up.  Check back on Saturday for the forkin' update. :)
Floozie's Seven Wonders of the World:  OK, they are a little bent, but a tiney bit funny.   Anyway, we will be back at the story soon.  I honestly am deciding whether to post the next installment on Saturday or another little diversion.  Hmmm ... Let's take a vote.

Do we post the next installment on the Forkin' Odyssey or do we post the little funny my good friend Sarah and I came up with at the NC Comicon?

More big stuff is happening at Little Forkers.   We are soooo forkin' excited.  My Tiney Gift book is in progress and I hope to have a link to info on that soon.    It is going to be soooo forkin' awesome.  :)

Thanks so much for giving a fork and reading.  :)