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Special Report:  Part 2
Mouseover panel 2-4 and press play in panel 5 for the conclusion.  :)

What the fork happened at FORX News?  
So...... things are really starting to change here on Little Forkers.   Soon, we will be ANIMATED.  OK, instead of waiting until our animation skills are just amazing, we decided to post animations as we learned how to do it and that way you can watch the Little Forkers "grow up."​  We are still going to have the subliminal captioning, but in our tradition of continual evolution and personal improvement, we hope to be even more interactive, by adding our little animation pieces to the comic.
 Here is the official first video.  The sound is not fabulous, but almost sounds like a news program from the 60's.  We hope to work on the sound tracks:

​If you read last week and saw the image for the gift book, you are probably wondering what that is all about,  I hope to put together a video soon to talk about it in person.  :)

...We hope you, our extended family, will be equally ecstatic to welcome her as your Third Lady. We look forward to including all of New Fork in a series of ancient rituals leading up to the sanguinarian marriage festivities. I will have more details for you next week in a special interview I have arranged with Becky Forkberg of FORX News.  
Well... there you have it Becky. After months of rumors, looks like it's truly celebration season in New Fork City. It's just like Kennedy's Camelot, or Prince Ranier and Grace Kelly, or Prince William and Kate all over again and again and again.