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Well, we are back at the office with Greedy and hopefully we are going to be back to regular updates.  

I have been feeling better.  Yay!  I have been going to physical therapy and I am proud to report that soon I will no longer look like a drunk hooker when I walk in my boots.  Ha ha!

So, here we go.  I am going to start with updating on Tuesdays.  As you noticed, I just took my update schedule down because I just could not keep it up.  Sorry  :(

Anywho,  I am going to start with Tuesdays and then, if that goes well,  I will get back to twice a week.  I just lost my "wind" so to speak.   For a while I just literally felt like someone popped my balloon and ran off with my puppy.  :(

But that is over now and come Heck or High Water, I am getting back into it.  So, look for an update BEFORE Midnight on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

Thanks for giving a fork and reading. 

Tess  :)

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