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Irena is such a mess!

OK, so the updates are continuing and thanks to all of you that are still following the Little Forkers.  So, for now, the best way to know when we have an update would be to follow my facebook page or just check the bottom of the front page to find out when we will be updating.  :)  Right now they appear to be coming every 7-10 days  (sorry)  but I hope to get things picked back up soon.  

So the NC Comicon is this weekend.   Yeah,  I will be working on stuff for that, so we will probably not have an update until after that.  Look for something some time between Tuesday and Wednesday.  Sorry I am so sluggish right now.  Trust me; it is a phase.  :(

I am still working on the game app.  So,  I have my fingers crossed that I will FINALLY have that finished soon, hopefully before NC Comicon.

On the health front, for those of you that are curious.  I started physical therapy last week and have also been doing some stuff on my own and am happy to report that I actually wore boots with a heel on them (not spiked by any means ha ha)  and did well, so I am super excited to dress up in my usual for NC Comicon YAY!  

I just want to again say thanks for hanging in there.  As soon as I get back up to "full speed" my updates will too.

Tess :)

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​Irena's Ooorgy
Part 3

Edited by:
 Chuck Cooper