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So, the past few weeks have been crazy with getting my middle child ready to go to college and finding out that I get to go to Dragon Con as an attending artist, hence the tardy updates.  I seriously debated changing my updates to just twice a week, but decided to leave it on Monday and Thursday and just let it be Mondayish and Thursdayish, because if I just said twice a week, I would probably end up putting it off to Saturday and just update once per week.  Yep, I am a procrastinator.  

So, if you are going to Dragon Con, come say "Hi" in the Comics and Pop Artist Alley.  :)  I cannot say that I will definitely be there for all 4 days, but I will try.  I may have someone else covering things for me at times if it gets to be too much.  :)  

Due to Dragon Con coming up,  I  am not updating next week.  I hope to finish my game before the con and I know that there is NO possibility of this happening if I try to do updates too.  So, the next update will be somewhere around 9/4.  I may post my game before that.  Follow me on twitter and facebook and be the first to know or just check back here.  :)

Thanks for giving a fork and reading.
Tess :)

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Time Travel:  Part 6

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 Chuck Cooper

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