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So, if you missed it earlier this week.  I published the first version of my new game.  This week is get the forkin' game done week.  Today, I have re-done the money animations and I think that they are a lot better.  I am working today on the sparkles, money paths (because they just are not quite right) and "beats" (you will be able to catch a beat to go faster).  This is my first game and I can use all the input I can get, so if you have suggestions, use the form below to send them to me.  :)  

Thanks for giving a fork and reading.
Tess :)

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Forkin' Floozie's 

Makin' It Rain
I am not sure why, but this does not load properly in Chrome, It only works on Explorer.   I am self taught and still learning.   :) Read Below:  This is a work in progress.    To those of you without flash, when I finish the game, I will also be publishing it as an app for your phone or iPad.  :)