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Irena Goes to Therapy:
Part 3 of 4

​Edited by Chuck Cooper

Click on bubbles to continue through the comic . :)
OK,  first of all, I want to tell all the people who use a phone to read my comic, sorry for the inconvenience.  I thought that I could figure out how to upload the html5 file on my own and I could not.  So, I am going to give my dear oldest daughter and some other computer resources I have a call to see if they can help me out.  Follow my facebook and twitter and you will know the minute I get it fixed.  The above file is in flash, simply because the html5 would not work for some reason.   I am not even going to tell you how late I stayed up working on it.  :0  At any rate, I hope to have this all figured out soon.  I suppose this is just a "growing pain"  courtesy of my limited computer skills.  Being self taught does, at times, have its drawbacks.

For those of you that have flash, sorry the update is so tardy.  I "bit off a bit more than I thought" this time, but things should get smoother.  Hmmm...... I think you may have heard that before.  ;)

So, this update is not an actual game, but a practice run at uploading such things to my site and it was an EPIC FAIL in that I could not figure out the html5.  I hope that the next goes much better.  :)  My goal is to have the comic be even more interactive and have game apps you can download to go with it, kind of like a rpg.  :)

Thanks for giving a fork and reading
(Mother Forker)

Don't have flash or image not loading right?  (chrome does not always like my flash and does not display the entire screen)?  Click here.