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Irena Goes to Therapy:
Part 4 of 4.5

​Edited by Chuck Cooper
Mouseover speech bubble 1  and panel 2 for surprises.   :)
OK,  first of all, I want to tell all the people who use a phone to read my comic, sorry for the inconvenience.  I think I have a solution.... finally.  Basically, the solution is to have you guys  without flash "split off" from the main track to one that only uses mouseovers and animated gif's and when we get to an amazing awesome game part, my plan is to hopefully have them as free apps in the app store.  I just have to see what cost is involved.  I will keep you updated and will do my best to keep my  Little Forker's "Equal Opportunity Perversion"  as free as possible.  

There is a second part of today's scheduled update and I hope to have it published later today or in the worst case scenario, tomorrow morning.  Sorry for the "growing pains."

Thanks for giving a fork and reading
(Mother Forker)

If you missed the last update due to device compatibility, click here to view the non-flashy version.  :)