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Irena Goes to Therapy:
Part 2 of 4

​Edited by Chuck Cooper

Mouseov​er panel 2 & 5 for full effects

OK,  So Irena is TRYING to work on her "sex addiction."  I wonder how that will go.  Hmmmm........  I suppose you will have to wait and see.  So, the next update will be the beginning of the "new dawn"  or whatever.  Basically, the "game elements"  will start to be incorporated in the comic.  I am not sure if I can get them to work on phones, so, when you check back here on Thursday, there may be a link to click if you are on a phone or tablet and one to click if you are on a PC.   Let's hope it all goes as planned where I can keep it all on one "thread."  :)  From what I have read, phones and tablets and PC's can read HTML5, so I am leaning towards doing my "game panels" in that.  I hope I am right.  For those of you that have read my back story, I am self taught, so if you are a computer pro and I sound like an idiot, well I am and if you have any advice to offer, I will not turn it away. :)

An update on  "Forkin' Floozie's: Make it Rain"  game.  I am so forkin' excited.  I think this game is actually not going to suck.  Yeah!  Excited for it's debut, I am.  (a little "Yoda Speak" - Who doesn't LOVE Yoda.)  I am working on the start screen today.  I have my beer bottles and Dollars flying in the air, my disco ball glistening, and my son, Austin (a 12 year old creator of techo meets dub step meets house music) finishing up the music.   When I told him that I needed him to write me some stripper music he said "Mom, I don't know what stripper music sounds like.  I guess I will google it."  I laughed inside.  Bwahahaha......  He came to me a little later and said.  "Mom,  I googled stripper music and it was scary, but I think I have what you are looking for."  He played it and I was AMAZED.  So,  aside from the start screen, I just need to figure out how to do the animation when Floozie gets knocked off her pole (when she gets hit by 3 beer bottles) and give my scoreboard a better look.  I never thought I could do this.  Thank (insert deity of choice here) for the invention of GUI's.   The best part of this software is that I can tell when I forgot to do something because it just doesn't work and it tells me where I screwed up.  

Thanks for giving a fork and reading
(Mother Forker)

A Few Days Later...........