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Irena Goes to Therapy:
Part 1 of ?

​Edited by Chuck Cooper

Mouseov​er panels
​1-4 & 6 for full effects

First, I will start with the not so fun part of my commentary.  For those of you that are interested,  my test results are overall inconclusive.  (what a surprise)  My doctor is thinking that what is going on with me is probably early MS, but is not going to call it and will just follow me for now.   Yeah!   I am trying to look at being me as like living in a fun house.  I just never know what neuro symptom I will get next.  :)   I was so thankful that my spinal headache went away just a few days before I left for Anthrocon.  In fact, many of the problems I was having got much better just before leaving.  The new limp I developed about a month ago was barely noticeable by Saturday to the point that I just looked like someone that could not walk in her shoes (I had a small heel).  Thank (insert deity of choice here) things went so well.  Although I will have to admit that the physical strain of the show has given me a bit of a setback.  Oh well, it was totally worth it!  I am so thankful that my husband went with me. :)  He was amazing and I know that  I could not have done the show without his help.  OK, enough about me.  Let's talk about ANTHROCON!

Happy Commentary Ahead :)

First of all, I would like to thank everyone that came by to see me at Anthrocon.  You are all forkin' awesome!   I decided to "debut" my new look "Mother Forker" and I must say that dressing up for the first time at a convention was so much fun.  For those of my readers that have never been to Anthrocon, you simply must go.  Basically it is like one big family reunion of about 5,000 people, minus the dysfunction.   Free hugs are EVERYWHERE and all you have to do is wear a tail and you are in the club.  :) 

So, what is Anthrocon all about?  Well, many of the "furry haters" will say it is just about "yiffing" and I can tell you from first hand experience that it is not.  I can tell you what it is all about or what I observed it to be about.  My observation is that the furry fandom  is about feeling like you belong and being yourself.  I felt so happy the entire time I was there. There were a million free hugs and it was just amazing because, as human beings, this is what we all crave, human interaction and acceptance.   I felt like I belonged to something. We all crave that too. The thing I like most about this fandom is that you become a fan of yourself (your fursona) and I feel this is positive and builds self esteem.  So, that is my take on Anthrocon.  Did I mention that Furries know how to party too?  Every night there was a dance and many other entertainment options.  I hope to put up a video on YouTube in the next few days of my "furry fun" (hopefully by the next update).

Last but not least, if you have not checked it out, you can see the basic look of my upcoming game app:  Forkin' Floozie.  I am planning to add more background and soon you will be able to have Floozie catch dollars while dodging beer bottles.   Right now, it is only the stripper on a pole, but you can use the arrows to move her up and down (you do have to click on the pic first to get it to work and the little 0 in the corner will one day be a score keeper).  I hope to build little "mini games" into my comic.  This turns out is easier than animation, as I do not need voice actors.  :) 

Thanks for giving a fork and reading