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The Update

Scroll down for a preview of an upcoming game

As much as I hate to do it, I am going to have to wait until after Anthrocon to start back with webcomic updates  again, specifically 7/11.  OK, for those of you who have been reading lately, you know that last Wednesday I had a spinal tap and, just as my luck would have it, I have had a spinal headache for the past 6+ days and it has SUCKED beyond belief.   The upside of me being on bedrest for a week is that I have been watching a TON of videos on game making and animation and have figured a way to incorporate this into my updates, to make them more interactive (with basic games).  :)   I have a preview of the Floozie game below which I am working on (mostly to get my "feet wet" in game making but I think it could be pretty funny when I finish it).   Right now, it is only the stripper on a pole, but you can use the arrows to move her up and down (you do have to click on the pic first to get it to work and the little 0 in the corner will one day be a score keeper).  I hope to have a very basic version of this game finished before Anthrocon with music my son has written and a means to score with maybe one level.   :) So, how does this affect the comic?   Well, I was thinking that it might be cool to have it where some panels will be flash games.  I am still working out all of the "kinks" and you may have to do free downloads in the app store if you are reading on your phone or Ipad, as apparently it does not load on phones.  For those of you that have followed Little Forkers from the beginning, you know that I am all about constantly improving things and making them more interesting.   So, Scroll down for a preview of my forkin' game.  ;)
Thanks for giving a fork and reading.
XOXO  Tess :)