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Pet Therapy with Irena
Part 1 of 2
Mouseover panels 2,4 & 5 for full effects

​Talk about puppy love....

 Ok, that was bad, but if you think it can't get any worse, just wait until Thursday. Anywho, just remember these are forks and no animals were harmed in the creation of this comic.   Irena is in some serious need of help.  :) I started to post the entire story in this update, but I figured that it would take WAY too long to load, so part 2 will be up on Thursday, hopefully with a little preview of my next storyline.  Believe it or not, this little tidbit is actually part of a bigger story.    

Sorry we are a bit later in the day posting the update, but at least we are getting them out on the day we are supposed to now.  I can blame this tardiness only on truly needing a break after the last few weeks, a case of the procrastination bug, and a visit from the migraine fairy.  :)

Thanks for giving a fork and reading.

Tess  :)