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Pet Therapy with Irena
Part 2 of 2
Mouseover last panel to reveal the end

 Ok, that was a bit naughtier than usual, but I think it was funny.  Irena is clear on her primary objective in life:  to get off as much as possible, however it may be possible.  Just for the record, this is a fictional character, based on no one I know (other than the name was from one of my best friends) and I am in no way advocating sex with animals.  I am actually one of those "animal rights freaks."  Sorry to blow your cool image of me, but yeah, I am a Pescetarian (mostly for the protein and mostly sea bugs - Shrimp & Scallops) and I even have my own chickens because I like having yummy eggs from happy chickens.   Damn!  I am not as cool as you thought.  ;)

I had hoped to post an image from the next update and I may over the weekend, but getting my store looking better has kicked my butt this week.  I am trying something new, a store through storenvy.  I am hoping this new store works, as it is FREE and we all like the free.   Strangely, it looks better than the one I paid for.   If you want to help support the comic, you can now buy some of my forkin' stuff.  :)

My next project:  Get that archive and up to date, start remembering to do my SMS, and check all of my links.  :)

Thanks for giving a fork and reading.

Tess  :)