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Science Class
(Part 2)
Mouseover panels 2-3 for full effects

OK,  so I did not say what Thursday.  Alright, my argument is not valid.  

I had high hopes of getting back to doing ANYTHING on my website before I went to DC Awesome Con and then I figured that I would work on stuff before I went to C2E2.  Yeah, well, no, it sooooo did not happen.  Sorry, but I seriously need a clone.  

Here is the good news:   As of now, I have no more cons until July, so I should be on time with my updates starting with May 6.  For a while, I may stick with the update on Monday and commentary on Thursday so that I can get a "tiney" lead on things so that we do not have this happen again. 

So, what is Pat Tine's deal?  Is he more than a Science teacher?  Is Amber reading minds....... 

I suppose you will have to wait and see. 

So, if you have not done so, you need to check out my facebook page.  There are some seriously epic cosplay images.  I am thinking to start a tumbler, since not everyone has facebook.  So strange.   No Facebook?   That is a lot like no phone.   How else do you stalk your children and friends?   Did I type that?  

Finally,  I can breathe again and can get some touch-ups on the website, including fixing my store that I just do not like and my SMS updates that Adrienne was supposed to catch up.  Hello Adrienne?   Y U make me look bad and not get my updates posted? Y U no love your mom?  OK, just picking;  love you Adrienne.  Oh yeah,  Austin, you did AMAZING passing out cards and Amber I am soooooo proud of you selling your art.  Your brood mother loves all three of you.  

On a special note,  I would like to thank Rebecca (who Becky Forkberg is based on)  for her amazing help this past weekend at C2E2.  I could have never gotten through this weekend without you.   Actually, I could have never gotten through this  last year without your support.   You Forkin' Rock!    

To all of you that came to see me at C2E2 and DC Awesome Con:  XOXO

Tess  :)