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Science Class
Mouseover panels 1-3 for full effects

So sorry the update is a "tiney" bit late... again.  We are finally getting things together and I hope that the update will actually happen on time this Monday, but it will probably be late that evening.  I actually have some of it done, so it SHOULD finally happen (mostly) on "tine."  I hope to soon get that super fabulous "cushion" I once had.

So, we are still busy little bees making our Jelly Beans that VIBRATE for C2E2 and DC Awesome Con.  They are sooo cool.  There is no first panel this week as the update is just the second half of this little story line. 

Thanks so much for reading and putting up with my delays this past bit.  I hope to get back to "normal"  (for me) soon.

Back to work.... My boss is a b%&ch.  Oh yeah, that's me.

Thanks for giving a fork and reading.

Tess :)