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Happy Family

Mouseover panel 2 thru 5 for full effects

So sorry the update is a "tiney" bit late... again.  I am going to have to level with you.  Until we are done with C2E2, we are all going to be like one armed paper hangers in a wind storm, so "on time" may not be our strong suit.  With so many deadlines to meet, ANYTHING can throw off the time table.  This time it was getting back my book proof and the colors weren't quite right, so we had to tweak the files.  

​On a VERY happy note.  Amber and Austin (my spawn) had their birthdays this week and I would like to thank Amber (Austin's special friend), Gabby and Matthew for making his birthday so special.  :)  Did you ask your parents if it was OK to read this?  

OK, so here is the new thing I am trying out:  Posting the first panel of the next series.    Soap Operas do it.  They must have a reason.   So who is this orange fork on the phone and what kid are they talking about.  Hmmm.....  I suppose you will have to wait and see.   If you haven't read my comic for long, let me give you a little FYI:  This comic is on acid and I have tried to make it that way, right down to the crazy colors and surreal "where the Hell are they images." :)

Back to work.... My boss is a b%&ch.  Oh yeah, that's me.

Thanks for giving a fork and reading.

Tess :)