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The Not So Special Report:  Part 4

Mouseover panel 3 and 6 for full effects

So sorry the update is a "tiney" bit late... again.  I am having a serious run on migraines and computer issues.  But, I have at least fixed one of the problems.  I got my new computer today.  :)  I am still adjusting to windows 8, but hopefully my days of endless crashes are over.  Seriously, I am not sure if you have seen the movie War Horse, but I treat my computers like the Germans treated those horses in that movie.  It is way bad.  If you knew what all I expected from a very limited computer, you would be like "what the fork are you thinking?"   It is like asking a 2nd grader to do Calculus.  :)

Where's my bottle of Champagne?  Wait a minute, I don't drink Champagne.  Anyway, all of my files are at the printers even as I type.  

So, here is the deal.  I usually post my commentary on Thursday, but fork it.  Since I am late.... again, I am going to do both today, which this time ended up being Thursday here on the east coast.  I am trying and hopefully this is the end of the tardies.  If this were my old high school days, I would so be in detention.    :)

Ok, so here is something new I am trying out.  Posting the first panel of the next series.  I am thinking to do this.  Soap Operas do it.  They must have a reason.  So next week we will be checking out the parenting adventures of our favorite couple Flighty and Calypso.  :)

Back to work.... My boss is a b%&ch.  Oh yeah, that's me.

Thanks for giving a fork and reading.

Tess :)