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The Not So Special Report:  Part 3

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So sorry the update is a "tiney" bit late.  The migraine fairy has been a b#$ch the past few days. 

 I have almost all of my stuff to the printers for DC Awesome Con and C2E2 and I cannot express to you the sense of RELIEF.  

So, here is the deal.  I usually post my commentary on Thursday, but fork it.  Since I am late, I am going to do both today.  :)

So yeah, I killed off someone.  OMG!  Forks can DIE in this comic.   Yep!   Well, if Vince Gilligan (Breaking Bad)  can kill off kids in his show, I can kill off a few forks.   It is sooooo sad; the girl never even had a name.  That makes it easier to kill her off.  Right?  Yeah, well that is just to break you in to the new forkin' reality.  

So....... Vampires:  "Check,"  Zombies:  "Check," Gratuitous Sex and Violence:  "Check".  Yep, we're getting there. 
I have my entire story sketched out on a flow sheet.....finally, making it easier to see what I am working towards.  No longer is is just loose notes in a notebook.

Back to work.... My boss is a b%&ch.  Oh yeah, that's me.

Thanks for giving a fork and reading.

Tess :)