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The Secret Life of Becky Forkberg:  Part 2
Mouseover panel 1 and 3 for HDSC
Creative Contributor:
Sarah Jarvis
Chuck Cooper
Bitter much?  Yeah, I don't think Muffy is over Becky getting the anchor job.  What do you think?

Sorry the update is a little late ....... again.  I hope to stick to my schedule soon.   As of Friday, it looks like we will be in Booth 1154 at C2E2; however, these things are subject to change,.  This is only my second year at the show and, as it turns out, people with more seniority can snitch your booth preference.  I have already been moved once, but I think we still have a pretty awesome spot.  We are not too far from what I consider to be some of the "gods" of webcomics, Cyanide and Happiness.  However, I suppose they could move too, but my girls hope they don't.  :)

Sarah is coming over this evening for a grand meeting on strategery.  Yes, I know that is not a word.   

On another note, my super fabulous daughter is starting her own webcomic, "Core."  You can follow her work on facebook for now by clicking here.  

Thanks for giving a fork and reading. :)

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