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Floozie on Threesomes
Yeah, Floozie is being naughty again.  Seriously, I am not going to share the exact circumstances, but I totally said this to my husband the other night.  OK, you figured it out.  There is a lot of me in Forkin' Floozie.  Although,  truth be told, there is a lot of me in all of the characters.  :)

I am getting better at posting the update on time....sort of.  I hope to stick to my schedule soon.   If you want to see some of what I am working on with the "I Could Fork You" giftbook, you can check out some sneak peaks on my  Little Forkers Facebook page.   

Sarah is coming over this evening ..... again for a grand
 meeting on strategery.  Yes, I know that is not a word.   

On another note, my super fabulous daughter, Amber, is starting her own webcomic, "Core."  You can follow her work on facebook for now by clicking here.    

Hey Amber! 
 Where's those drawings we need for the update on Saturday?  If the update is a "tiney" bit late, I am totally blaming you.  

Dear Reader,
Aren't you glad you didn't have a mom like me?
Thanks for giving a fork and reading. 
Tess :)

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