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Floozie on Men  :)

We are back with new updates  :)  I am still working on catching up my lead, so for a while, we will have a "one panel wonder" like this on Wednesday and a regular update with HDSC on Saturday.  

Sorry the update is a little late today....... like almost tomorrow.  I have been busy getting stuff together for C2E2, and the books I keep typing about and....   So much to do.  As of now, we are DC Awesome Con, C2E2, and Stan Lee's Comikaze.  We are working on putting together a forkumentary about my crew on the road to C2E2  so everyone can get a "behind the scenes" view of going to a comic convention.  There is so much more to do when you exhibit than you think and I am so glad I have an amazing crew of helpers.  :)   

On another note, my super fabulous daughter is starting her own webcomic, "Core."  You can follow her work on facebook for now by clicking here.  

Thanks for giving a fork and reading. :)

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