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To Forkitol or
 not to Forkitol
(Part 3)
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Edited by:
 Chuck Cooper
OK, so far, so good.  Our update is on time again.  Yay!  OK it was almost 7PM east coast, but I made it.  Where is my gluten free cookie?  At least I have an excuse....sort of.  I had a MRI on the day I usually upload for Tuesday and, well, I guess my brain got all goofy headed and, although I knew it was Monday, I did not process that the next day was Tuesday.  Anyway, I would like to thank my "tech" for doing such a great job staring my heplock for the scan and putting up with my bent sense of humor.  hehe Thanks Bob!  OK, if I got your name wrong, I am going to play the brain damage card...again.  The upside of brain damage, having an excuse for being a dumba@@  :)  Overall, I will have to say that this MRI was sooooo much better than the last.  So, thanks again. :)

So I never did think of that punch line for family "get togethers."  So, that is what I get for not instantly reaching for that piece of paper!   Argh!

Thanks for giving a fork and reading.   Until next Tuesday.  :)

Tess  :)