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Where is the Glitterbomb?
(Part 4)
Mouseover panels 2 and 4-6 for a surprise  This update is packed with images, so give it a few moments to load the mouseovers.  :)

​Where oh where did Glitterbomb go?

What is that mayor up to?  It will all be clearer next Wednesday.  We will be at the NC Comicon this Saturday and I plan to post some of pics from that on Saturday evening and Sunday.  I also plan to unveil some of my gift book images at the con and on here on Saturday.  So, if you cannot be with us in person, you can at least be there digitally.  :)   
So,  What happened to Ms. Glitterbomb?   Did she get some bad directions from the mayor or did she run into some of those zombie jellybeans?  They stay pretty hungry.  Did she become lunch?  Hmm.... I guess you will just  still have to click by on Wednesday when Becky Forkberg will interview the mayor.  :)

  Sure, sure, whatever you say babe. It's not a problem. We're busier than cats covering poop on a marble floor. With the new hours at City Hall, we've got the regular crowd of usuals, but we picked up city workers packing the place in the afternoons before work and in the mornings after they get off. It's like balls to the walls 24/7 in here...