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Greedy Takes  The Forkitol (Part 1):    Mouseover text bubbles 
1 & 2 and panel 4 for  full effects.  :)

​Greedy Takes the Forkitol (Part 1)

Remember that prescription Greedy got from the doctor to "help his hearing."  Well, he finally took it and no one can believe the change.  What happens when this greedy fork gets an empathy transplant?  Learn more at the next update.  Now, if only we could give some Forkitol to some other greedy corporate forkers. ;)

Thanks for giving a fork and reading.  :)

 Yesterday, he came in with a bunch of kittens, and said he'd just heard an ad on the radio for the animal shelter and just could not help himself.  And today, instead of having me get his usual Mighty Meatball sub with extra meatballs, he got me to order a salad saying he was going vegetarian.