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Trials and Tribulations
  (Part 3):  This one has lots of big pics, so it loads a little slow.  Mouseover text bubbles 
1 - 3 and 7 - 8 for full effects.  :)

​Trials and Tribulations:  Part 3

So how do you treat a mermaid passed out from "herbal supplements?"   Well, I suppose we will find out when she gets to the doc's office.  What happened to those crazy zombie jelly beans we saw running around?  Also, What's up with Greedy Forker?  Is he ever going to take that Forkitol?  Also,  who would want to help Calypso get off his breaking and entering charges and why?  Hmmm....  What happened to that stripper?  Will she make it back to her pole and will anyone ever run for mayor to replace Vyktyr Forkula or will he just use mind control to keep everyone in line?  I suppose you will have to click back and see at the next update.  

Thanks for giving a fork and reading.  :)