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OK, it has been forever since I updated last and all I can say is I am sorry, but I have simply not been feeling very well to put it mildly and just simply could not get myself to update.  In addition, I have had to cancel my trip to Stan Lee's Comikaze this year due to health reasons.  Honestly, cancelling my trip just put me in such a "funk," otherwise know as depressed state, I just could not get myself to work on anything Little Forkers.   I was so looking forward to seeing LA and going to that con.   On the "up" side, I am feeling better and while the trip to Stan Lee's Comikaze will not happen, Little Forkers will continue.    So, here it is, my latest update.  I am hoping that my health continues to improve and we can get back on a regular update schedule.  :)

Oh boy, what is Irena up to now? 
 I suppose you will have to wait and see. ;)

I just want to thank all of you for continuing to read, even when I am so forkin' tardy with my updates.  :)

Tess :)
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​Irena's Ooorgy
Part 1
​ mouseover panel 2 for a surprise 

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 Chuck Cooper