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OK, I totally got my days mixed up.  But here it is, the conclusion to "Inquiring Minds Want to Know."  Thanks so much to my son's idea of having a kid playing with a vibrator like a rocket ship and my husband making this little idea so funny.  

You may ask, How did your son end up coming up with a comic idea about a kid playing with a vibrator? Well, for those of you that do not know it, I make "Buzzy Buddies" now, which are cute little stuffed jellybeans with a vibrator in them that makes them spin.  I sold a few at Dragon Con and some of the ones I sold were to parents for their kids.  At first I was hesitant and then I thought,  "they do not know what it is and it is all fixable with a little bit of glue."  I got some nasty letters from people who were mortified that I sold sex toys to children.  I did not sell sex toys to children.  I sold them to their parents and it was their business if they gave them to their kids.  Anyway, to those kids, it was nothing but a silver bullet propulsion system.   It looked like nothing to them and was not a sexual object in any way.  Besides, don't you know that any toy (virtually) can be an adult sex toy?  The key is location.  Have you not seen Hex Bugs?   I rest my case.

Until next time.......

Thanks so much for sticking around and enjoying my Forkin' Odyssey.  :)

Tess :)

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​Inquiring Minds
 Want to know:  Part 2
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Creative Contributor:
 Austin Jennings
Edited by:
 Chuck Cooper