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Trials and Tribulations
  (Part 1):  This one has lots of pics, so it loads a little slow.  Mouseover text bubbles 
2-4 for full effects.  :)

​Trials and Tribulations:  Part 1

I apologize for the update being a few hours later posting than usual.   Usually it posts between MN and 9 AM on Wednesday, but the Migraine Fairy and digital mishaps threw the update schedule off a "tiney" bit."  I always say,  "Don't cry over lost pixels," but when you are about to upload your update, and the finished file gets lost to the crash monster and you have spent a big chunk of your day with a forkin' migraine, you can, at least, get forkin' mad.   For those of you that know my process, I take pictures and then alter them in gimp.  Someone said to me once how my comic must be so much faster and easier to do since it is just pics.  Yeah... well, no, it is not.  It may take less talent than the webcomics that draw, sketch,  or paint their art, but it takes longer than you think to pose, shoot, and alter the pics. :)  At any rate, I enjoy it, so the time goes by faster.

Ok,  So Flighty is completely shocked at the judge's decision,  He thought he had a long period of being a single father and visiting his husband through glass walls, but thankfully he was wrong.  But, what happened, and why did someone help Calypso?  Tune in this Saturday as Calypso and Flighty head home after Calypso's release.   I hope they don't run into any zombie jellybeans.   

Thanks for giving a fork and reading.  :)