All Contents of, The Little Forkers Webcomic and The Forkin' Odyssey, are Copyright 2010-2012 Tess Cooper. 
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Bent on Blackmail (Part 2): This comic features HD Subliminal Captioning.  Mouseover the second panel for a surprise.  :)
This one is bordering on NSFW.  :)

I suppose the dear judge is wishing she had found another way to pay her tuition bills.  Her Fork Porn Career came back to haunt her, but who would want to help Calypso and why?   Hmmm..... the plot thickens.   Things are getting "curiouser and curiouser. "   ;)   Oh yeah, what about Forkin' Mermaid passed out at Calypso's and Flighty's house?  What happened to that stripper that went to city hall and the Jelly Beans, oh my?   You will just have to click back next Wednesday to find out.  I finally have a RSS feed that should work.  Over the next few days/weeks I am going to be adding all of my archives to Oh No Robot, so it will make the RSS feed a little over active, but it will only be temporary.

 I suppose having images of fork sex pics, makes this comic about "Rule 34:  Forks."    Adrienne was the creative mind behind the Kama Forkin' Sutra (basically the Kama Sutra with forks).  About a year ago I tried to print the first Kama Sutra Poster at a major poster printer and they refused to print it, stating that it was porn.  I ask the associate on the phone if they realized that it was forks, not actual people in the photos.  I suppose it is hard to tell the difference.  ;)  You can see what you think in the video below, but it is NSFW. 

Thanks for giving a fork and reading.  :)