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Yep!  Dustin is completely forked!  He is so going to become dinosaur lunch.  Maybe he should have ask what that gun did BEFORE pulling the trigger.  Well, live and learn.....maybe.

Ok, so we here in fork land are having a bit of a disagreement about how much animation needs to be in the comic, so I decided to take a poll about the direction of the comic.  I am not going to say which member of the team thinks what (because I do not want to affect input).  So, here we go.  :)

Regarding "Animation:" 

​Regarding Updates:

Regarding site structure:

A big Thanks to all of you that decide to fill out the form.  :)  
Type at ya' on Thursday.
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Time Travel:  Part 3

​Edited by
 Chuck Cooper

Mouseover the first panel to see what Amber thinks.  :)