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Phone Etiquette 
Forkin' Mermaid
Part 3 of 3

Edited by Chuck Cooper
Mouseover  all panels for full effects.  :)

​OK, so the mermaid FINALLY wore out her welcome with the good doctor and I FINALLY posted the update.  

Well, in the quest to get to the bottom of my migraines and other symptoms that have been running amok, I got to have some REAL fun this week in a Tesla 3 MRI for about 2.5 hours.  Woo Hoo!  It started out sort of fun.  I had planned a joke all week for my tech. :)  So, we are walking to the MRI room and, as we get to the door, I ask her "Wait a minute.... do I need to take out my 'clit ring'  too?"  At first, I think she looked a little shocked and then, when I told her that I was kidding, she giggled a little.   Anyway, after I got my IV (for contrast), I knew it was not a good sign when my tech handed me a set of ear plugs.   WTF!   :0

So, for those of you that ever wondered what a MRI is like:  Imagine an guinea pig in a toilet paper tube.  Hmmmm....   Why do rodents love to get in those things?   What does a claustrophobic mouse do?   Hmmmm.....  Anyway,  I will have to say that a MRI is not that bad but it can be a bit scary at times if you have an overactive me.  It was one noisy adventure!  I have been to rock concerts that were less noisy.   At one point, the machine was so loud that it sounded like an alarm was going off  and I literally became worried that the thing was about to blow up.  I kept thinking.  Really?  This is how I go out?  Blowing up in a MRI?  Then I came back to reality.  People have these every day.  You silly girl.    Anyway, about the time I stopped thinking that I was blowing up, I started thinking I was being cooked.  I was getting incredibly overheated.  They have fans that run over you, but, seriously, they are not enough and you begin to feel like you are a fast food sandwich under a heat lamp "life support" system.  I don't want to give you the wrong idea.  There was nothing about this test that hurt, other than the IV and laying still so long makes for nasty muscle cramps. (The IV didn't hurt for me because my tech was excellent and one of the reasons I had the test was some loss of sensation in my arms.  "surprise bonus")   Anyway, that is my "adventure of the week."  I won't have the results for a while, but I am pretty sure nothing has changed and I remain the Queen of Migraine Land.   Where did I put my crown? ;)  

Thanks for giving a fork and reading.

XOXO  Tess:)

A few minutes later . . .