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Phone Etiquette 
Forkin' Mermaid
Part 2 of 3

Edited by Chuck Cooper
Mouseover panels 4 and 5 for full effects.  :)

OK, I have never done that.  50 calls in a row?  OK, I think my record is maybe 10 times and it was when I as calling one of my spawn.   I am not mentioning any names, but they were out and about and not answering their phone.  ;)  
So, what will the good doctor do about the mermaid?  Find out on Monday.  ;)

I am off to do a little birthday celebrating soon with a friend.
 I hope all of you Tineheads have a Forkin' Fabulous Memorial Day!   

Did anyone notice the forks eating with ...... forks? I love irony.

Thanks for giving a fork and reading.

XOXO  Tess:)

Fifty Calls Later.....