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A Death in the Family:
Mouseover the last panel for a surprise  
Creative Contributor:  Amber Jennings
Edited by: Chuck Cooper

Commentary should be posted by this afternoon is not what happened and that is why I have decided to change my update schedule to Comic update (Forkin' Odyssey) on Monday and commentary (like this) on Thursday.   I want to start putting out video shorts and just cannot get the time.   What I have realized is that I have too much on my forkin' plate.  Here is my situation, if you have not read my back story:  This comic started as a form of therapy and appears to be catching on  a bit.  It is definitely a niche audience, but I am seeing potential for even greater growth, so I need to change my game a bit.  I want to improve my plot lines, my art and learn animation.  My girls help me a lot on the comic, but they have their own lives and I have chronic migraines that limit the number of hours I can work on my comic.  You are not going to believe this but I actually take daily naps to help control them (like a 2 yr old).   So, in order to take this to the next level,  I need more time for the updates, because, quite honestly, at times it has been a rush to just crank something out because it is Wednesday or Saturday.  Yeah, that's me,  "Miss Painfully Honest."  I  want this to be just forkin' awesome, so I need time to put more effort into the look of my comic and the storyline/plot.  I want it to be Vince Gilligan meets Southpark meets Gumby good.  OK that probably made sense to no one but me, but what I want is for you, my reader, to be able to say:  "Yeah, I remember when I was the only one that knew about "Little Forkers" and now they are everywhere."  I realize that this makes me sound either delusional or driven or both, but you know what?  I bet Stan Lee never said, "I want to make a comic a few people might enjoy." and Ted Turner never said "I hope to work at a television station one day."  OK, now I know you guys are wanting to get me a therapist, but I already have one and a neurologist and..... OK, a history of head injury is a B%tch.  Anyway, I once heard a motivational speaker say that unrealistic goals are the key to success.   So here is mine:  I want to be a regular show on Cartoon Network or Comedy Central or have a You Tube Channel with like a half million subscribers.  OK, this is NOT going to happen overnight, but it could happen.   It will not happen if I do not "up my forkin' game." :)

So first up, is my comic style.  I have been re-thinking it, but do not want to lose current readers.  So,  I am taking a vote.  As you might know, if you read the back story, this all started with some bent up forks I dressed up and took pics of after a head injury (yeah it was a pretty bad hit on the head), but I am debating making my images look more traditional and use the forks as guides.  I cannot draw.  Yeah, there, I said it.  I suck at art.  I take pictures and trace them.  Yep, I can barely draw a smiley face.  I trace stuff.   OK,  this is beginning to sound like a trip to my therapist.  Anyway, I would like to take a vote of what type of art you like.  So, below are three options and I would love your input.    Just check below the image you think looks best and click submit.  :) 
Thanks for giving a fork and reading......and hopefully voting.

Tess :)

original style