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​Meteorites and 
Genie Apps
So, for this Wednesday's "Forkin' Floozie Says," I decided to add a little "News Report" from Becky on the recent meteorite events.  :)

OK, here we go again.  I  am going to have all of my stuff to the printer by Monday and this time I mean it.  No really, I do.   It is funny how that "I'm going to be finished on Monday." has been going on for about 3 weeks now.  Anyway, soon I will have stuff to a point where we can get back to the "Odyssey only" updates and back into the thick of what is going on with those jelly beans, that crazy mayor and Becky's big secret.  Also, the archive is just way behind the "tines." 

Today, I would like to wish a VERY HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to my daughter, and co-creator on Little Forkers,  Adrienne.  Don't remember who she is?  Click here and scroll down a bit.  She is the girl in the Invader Zim jacket.  :)