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S & M 
with Robert and Irena
Creative Contributor and Editor:   Chuck Cooper  :)
Mouseover panels 2 and 3 for surprises :)
So, how did I come up with this one?  Yeah, I'm not talking......too much.  Basically, I was working on my giftbook "I Could Fork You"  and ....... yeah, never mind.   Irena is so naughty; isn't she?  I love her character.  Actually I love  all my Little Forkers, just like all of my family.... most days.  :)

OK, so we are in a bit of a holding pattern.  I am waiting on some pics from my daughter to finish the "Secret Life of Becky Forkberg."  Hopefully,  she gets them done soon.  You can blame her evil IB teachers.  Just kidding......sort of.  At any rate, we will have updates, it is just that they may be some of the "off plot" nature.  :)

Thanks for giving a fork and reading. 
Tess :)