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Bohemian Parenting Tips:  Part 1
from The Forkin' Odyssey No.1
Co-Written with Adrienne Jennings  :)
OK,  for those of you that have purchased  "The Forkin' Odyssey" No. 1, you have seen this.  I was between taking a total pause and posting some of the Forkin' Odyssey that had not been posted online and I opted for the latter.   I have lost my buffer and need to regain it, so I have decided to post this sequence to get me some time to get ahead of things.  Also, it's the forkin' holidays and I have 3 spawn, nuff said.  So we will get back to new strips and HDSC after the holidays.  Santa needs a little help. :)

On a completely unrelated topic.  I just found out (a little late) that they are no longer going to make Zune players.  OMG!  For those of you that have a Zune, you can feel my pain.  I went to the Best Buy in Durham to get a new cord and there weren't any.  Thankfully the manager there took pity on me and said that he had a spare and gave it to me.  Yep, gave it to me.  Talk about Christmas sprit.  This is serious customer service!  Thanks  Matthew Stutzman!  You are Forkin' awesome and thanks to you we WILL have music on the way to my mom's house for Christmas.  It drowns out my children screaming from my scary driving practices. 

Thanks for giving a fork and reading. :)