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Where is the Glitterbomb?
(Part 2)
Mouseover panel 2 for a surprise  :)

​Where oh where did Glitterbomb go?

This is part two of this series.   
I hope everyone voted and made their voice heard. :) 

Sorry the update is a little shorter than usual.    A tiney bit of inside information on what I am working on:  The Forkin' Odyssey No.2 is getting ready to print. :)    I also have the best ever  naughty gift book for Valentines Day in progress.  It is going to be forkin' awesome.

So,  What happened to Ms. Glitterbomb?   Did she get some bad directions from the mayor or did she run into some zombie jellybeans.  Hmm.... I guess you will just  still have to click by on Saturday to find out.

While you are here, you should check out our free phone wallpapers .

Meanwhile while Floozie was on the phone ....