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Greedy Takes  The Forkitol (Part 3):    Mouseover text bubble 1  and panel 2 for  full effects.  :)

​Greedy Takes the Forkitol (Part 3)

Wow!  Greedy has definitely had an empathy transplant.  If only we could give forkitol to all the greedy forkers in the world.  For those of you that do not know who the pod people are, check out this link.   Next update, the mermaid goes to the doc's office. :)
I hope to post some free halloween facebook covers and phone wallpapers soon.
Adrienne and I will be at the Annapolis Comic Con next Saturday.  We hope to see you there. Thanks for giving a fork and reading.  :)
Oh.... well, there's been some misunderstanding. I want new air conditioning in all the factories with HEPA air filtration, chilled artesian spring water coolers at every work station, reflexology masseurs, accupuncturists, mandatory siestas every day, and telecommuting where possible. Also, to get things off on the right foot, let's send everyone home with pay until all of this is put into place.