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The Big Interview:
Part 6
Edited By
 Chuck Cooper
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Happy Birthday Jose :)  
You are Forkin' Awesome!

Hello everyone else. :)  You are all pretty amazing too. xoxxo

OK..... Here we go:   

I know that I have not been updating regularly but I figured I would share with everyone what is going on in in my personal life. I have lost 3 family members in the last 30 days. I lost an uncle to ALS, my great aunt (who was like a grandmother to me), and finally my cousin ( the son to the aunt I just lost). In addition to having so many funerals to attend, I have also had sort of a relapse the past few weeks with my neurological issue and, as a result, have been having a lot of pain and difficulty walking. To be honest I am having a hard time getting back into funny right now. I have been working on another project I have wanted to do for a long time (a little more dark and serious) and have been working on the next games and learning 3D modeling, etc. I debated just going ahead and cranking out some updates, but only this and the next few are complete and I do not want to run completely out before I get back into my funny zone. I hope soon I can tell you all about my newest project (for the deeper darker side of me), but it is also a long way from "being there" and it is something I plan to do when the funny just ain't there.  I want to again thank everyone for continuing to read and apologize for the snails pace right now, although after the "game development era" you may be used to it.   :)

For those of you who do not mind a bit of a downer,  I would like to share a little bit about my cousin Donald and thank the local Rescue Squad for making his funeral so beautiful.

While you can never make a funeral a "must see event,"  ( actually they may all be this or at least your own is) what they did to honor my cousin was just amazing.  You see, Donnie was a volunteer Rescue Squad member and Fire Fighter and touched so many lives in my hometown.  After he retired from saving lives, he decided to be a bus driver.  One day last week, he had just finished dropping the kids off at school when he had a heart attack.  The rescue workers tried so hard to save him and, while they got him back for a time, the overall damage to his body was too extensive and he passed a few days later.

As I sat in the funeral home listening to the speaker yesterday, I was amazed at how many lives my cousin truly did touch, as the chapel was standing room only.  So many people were there to pay tribute to Donald, who had touched so many lives during the course of his.  I felt so overwhelmed with pride, of having been related to such a special person.  After the chapel service, several squad members carried his body to a restored antique fire engine (the first one my hometown owned)  where several of the EMS and fire workers rode with him to his final resting place, preceded by EVERY EMS vehicle in town.  The line of cars following him to the cemetery went as far as you could see on the small streets of my home town many with their ems lights on the dash board of their personal car.  As we turned on the final turn to head to the cemetery, the EMS workers that were covering for my home town were standing outside their truck in tribute.  I was so touched that I cannot begin to put it into words.  

At the end of the grave side service, all of the members of the rescue squad laid a little piece of greenery on the top of his casket and they did a last call for Donnie, where they held 30 seconds of radio silence on the scanners  The entire experience was like nothing I had ever seen.  The respect volunteer Rescue Squad and Fire Fighters have for each other is just amazing and again I would like to thank the Rescue Squad and Fire Department in my home town for honoring my cousin in this way.  

I know that is a bit of a "downer" but, as you know,  I tend to use these little blogs as free therapy sometimes.

Thanks for reading and I will be back to my funny self soon,