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Late Night Snacking: mouseover text bubbles in panels 1,2, and 4 for full effects  :)

So, where did I get the names Kurt and Dustin?  Well, I needed 2 names and the last two "tine heads"  to comment on the  Little Forkers facebook page were...... Kurt and Justin.  Congrats Kurt and Justin!  You have Jelly Beans named after you. 

 Do you want a Jelly Bean or character named after you?  Just be the last person to comment on my page when I need a name for a character and tag.  You're it!   Make sure you like us on facebook so you can be up to date with when updates post (Wednesday and Saturday).  We also have an upcoming give away.  More info on that soon.  :)

The Zombie Jelly Beans are Born!  OK, this one was thought up by Amber.  We were at Whole Foods and Austin, my son, saw these melons and Amber said that they looked like zombie jelly beans.  In a short trip to the grocery store, the Zombie Jelly Beans were born and my son found a new fruit he likes.  

For Saturday's update, I am going to finally get the "About the Characters" page finished.  I hope to have pics from where I made several of the characters, so you can see how I make my Little Forkers.   On Wednesday, we will be back at the bail hearing for Calypso Ninja.

Thanks for giving a fork and reading.  :)