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 Forx News (Part 2) in HD Subliminal Captioning - mouseover first and last text bubbles  full effects  :)

Most City workers are slowly adjusting to the nocturnal schedule but not without some difficulties. Some workers are calling the plan cruel and unusual, but the Mayor is defending his "Good Night New Fork" program as a cost cutting budget balancing triumph without the need to raise taxes. "Rather than widening streets and creating more lanes, we will spread inner city travel more evenly throughout the twenty four hour period. The number of cars on the road at any given time is reduced and fuel consumption during stop and go idling will be a thing of the past. Overall commuting time will be reduced, and traffic jams at 9:00 a.m and 5:00 p.m are history. "
"The City will cut it's air conditioning bill in the summer by half. Sun screen and health care costs associated with skin cancer will go down dramatically. Administrative costs are down as a result of the drop in requests for permits, court cases, and complaints. Working at night will become a natural part of life in New Fork. "
A vampire for a mayor is pretty strange, but Little Fokers is not about the predictable or the usual. My husband and I were just thinking, 'What would a vampire do as mayor to make his life easier?' and making city business be conducted at night would solve a lot of his sun sensitivity issues. It also makes for some pretty funny story lines in the future.