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Take Us To Your Leader:
Part 3

​Edited by
 Chuck Cooper
I think I am officially on a roll with the on time updates.  :)

So, will Satan the Sixth get some pants?  Exactly how much better is Crazy Forker if he needs his laptop that bad?  

Things are about to get soooo exciting for the Jelly Beans. I know so many of you probably think my comic has Multiple Story Line Disorder, but prepare to be amazed at how all of the Little Forkers world's are about to collide.​

So, it is looking like Dragon Con may be an "add in" for this year.  So,  if you are in the Atlanta Area, get your "tiney" butt down to Dragon Con and come find me in the Artist Alley.  They are supposed to have a table assignment for me by the end of the weekend. 

Type at ya' on Monday  :)
Thanks for giving a fork and reading
(Mother Forker)