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Take Us To Your Leader:
Part 1

​Edited by Chuck Cooper
Mouseover panel 2 
for a surprise.   :)
Yeah!  The update is officially posted ON TIME!  Woo Hoo!  
Happy, Happy. Joy, Joy!

​So we are back with Crazy Forker at the asylum.  He is going to be needing some serious counseling when he finds out what all has been going on with the jelly beans.  :)

The game is coming!  The game is coming!  I cannot wait to finish my app for the stripper game.   My son, who goes by "E2" and writes techno meets dub step meets house music, wrote the music for the game and I cannot wait for you all to hear it and many more songs he has written, which we are planning to incorporate into our little game apps.  Such a proud mother, I am.  (Yoda speak) 

So, did everyone check out my animated fork on the main page.  My inspiration for him was the little paperclip that used to be on Microsoft Word.  I loved that little paperclip.  

Type at ya' on Monday,
Thanks for giving a fork and reading
(Mother Forker)