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Multi-purpose eye cream:
Mouseover panels 2-4 for full effects.

Creative Contributor:
Austin Jennings
Chuck Cooper
I am still running a "tiney" bit late with my updates, but I have had a few things come up this week.  :)  Inside joke for those of you who know me personally.  :)  My son, Austin, helped me write this one.  Sadly, this actually happened, except for the part where he tried  the eye cream and disappeared.  He just said, wouldn't it be funny if you used so much you literally disappeared.  Excellent!  The cartoon was born.   Thanks Austin.   Wow!  I made 2 comics that were actually appropriate for all ages in a row.  No, I am not reforming.   This is just my personal playground and I am just on this little kick.  

Thanks for giving a fork and reading. 
Tess :)