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A little bit of insight....and stripper humor.   This one was 100% Chuck's idea.   I am sorry for the update being late today.  The migraine fairy came to visit last night and did not leave until this evening.  I hate that b#tch.   :)  If you want to see some of what I am working on with the "I Could Fork You" gift book, you can check out some sneak peaks on my  Little Forkers facebook page.   I think I have less than 10 pages to put the final touches on. :)

The update on Saturday is based on an actual conversation with my son and will feature Forkin' Floozie with her little spork.  As for Becky's big secret, we may have to wait an update due to my daughter's school work schedule. 

I would like to thank my kids so much for giving me great material to work with.  Your "Brood Mother,"  as they affectionately call me, is so lucky to have all three of you.   You are amazing spawn.  :)   If you want to check out what my amazing 16 y/o is up to you can check out her art here.    

Thanks for giving a fork and reading. 
Tess :)

Warming the Poles with Forkin Floozie:

Written By:
 Chuck Cooper